Tracking Latvia


There are many marketplaces in Latvia where people from all over the world place orders, such as Joom. On Latvian postal service websites, tracking is available for all users who have a unique identifier. You can also track your parcel at any time on

To track a postal parcel, an order from a shop, sent by Latvian post, you need to go to the tracking service There is a search box on the portal, where you need to enter the code number. The system will process the request and give a reliable accurate result. Thanks to this, senders can make sure that the cargo is not lost and delivered to its destination. Recipients will be able to see where the goods are and when they can pick them up from the pick-up point.

The tracking site is convenient and easy to use, with clear navigation. Tracking can be used by any user who has an identifier. The tracking code consists of a unique combination of numbers and letters. When checking correspondence, it is important to enter the identifier correctly, otherwise the system will not be able to find information about the cargo. It is not possible to track goods by the surname, home address or phone number of the sender/recipient.