Tracking Mongolia


Mongolia is famous for woollen and leather goods, carpets, jewellery, so thousands of people travel to Ulaanbaatar every year to stock up on quality warm clothes. You can save time and money by ordering delivery of Mongolian things by Mongolian Post: order tracking will be available for all senders and recipients.

Tracker service allows you to track your dispatched shipment at any time. To track, you need to go to the portal, find the search box and enter a unique personalised identifier. The code can consist of nine to thirteen characters, which include both numbers and letters. The system will quickly process the request and give the result. The user will be able to find out where the goods are now, whether they have crossed the Russian border, whether they have passed a customs point.

The resource is in demand among many people, because it has a simple and convenient interface and clear navigation. Tracking does not require additional registration, passport and other data. It is enough to know the track code. In case you have difficulties with the search, you can either wait a few days or contact the sender.

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