Tracking Georgia


Georgia is an ancient country that is famous not only for its picturesque nature and sights, but also for its various goods. On the websites of Georgian postal services, tracking of parcels is available for both senders and receivers. You can also track the location of a parcel sent by Georgian Post on the tracking portal

To find information about a parcel is very simple. You need to go to the tracking site, find the search box and enter the track number there. The system in a matter of seconds will process the request and give full reliable information about where the sent products are now, whether it will soon arrive in Russia. The identifier consists of thirteen symbols, which include nine numbers and four letters of the Latin alphabet. You can find out the track code at a Georgian post office or from the seller who sent the products you paid for. service is indispensable, because it has many features and advantages. Tracking portal has clear navigation and simple user-friendly interface. Thanks to the tracker users will always be aware of possible problems and delays in delivery. In addition, it is possible to roughly calculate the delivery time of an order, taking into account shipping through transit countries and customs clearance.