Citizens ofRussia and other countries often order goods from Vilnius. On the tracking service and on the official website of the Lithuanian Postal Service, parcel tracking is available for all senders and recipients.

In order to track a shipment sent from Vilnius or another Lithuanian city, you just need to go to the portal, enter the identification code in the search box. After that the system will start automatic processing of the enquiry and will give the exact result of the enquiry. The user will be able to see in which locality the goods are currently located, whether they will soon arrive at their destination.

The tracker is convenient because it allows you to find information not only on parcels sent by the Lithuanian post office, but also on parcels sent by various delivery services and marketplaces. The tracking number can consist not only of numbers, but also letters of the Latin alphabet. You can find out the code at the postal operator, if the correspondence was packed and registered at Post in Lithuania. Track code information is also available to logistics staff and sellers on Lithuanian marketplaces. If there are problems with tracking, you can write to the sender about the problem.