Tracking Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Post has many functions, including tracking, packing, loading and forwarding. allows you to track written correspondence sent not only by Hong Kong Post, but also by local delivery services. By ordering and paying for goods in a Xiangyang shop, customers will be able to track the transport of correspondence, to see if it will soon arrive at the pick-up point.

You can keep track of sent products on To find a parcel, just enter a unique personalised number in the search box. The track code is issued by the post office staff when packing and registering correspondence. You can also see the identifier on the website of Hong Kong online shop in the "orders" section. The code can consist not only of numeric but also alphabetic characters.

The tracker is convenient because it provides the most complete and accurate information about the location of a shipped order. Users waiting for a shipment to arrive will be able to verify that it has actually been sent by the seller. In case of difficulties with tracking, you can wait a few days and try to check the information again. You should also make sure that the track code is entered correctly.