Tracking Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is famous not only for its picturesque nature and sights, but also for its local products, clothing, and jewellery. Branded clothes, souvenirs, sweets and much more can be ordered from Kazakh online shops with delivery to any country in the world, including Russia. On our website, as well as on the official sites of postal services of Kazakhstan parcel tracking is available for all citizens.

How to track a parcel from Kazakhstan by track number

You can order Kazakh products on marketplaces or through intermediaries. On the territory of Kazakhstan there are many post offices and delivery services ready to send a letter or cargo abroad. You can track a parcel on the free service

Tracking Algorithm

Instructions on how to search for parcels:

  1. Go to the tracking site
  2. At the top of the service there is a search box. Here you need to enter a personalised code and click on the "search" button."
  3. The system will automatically start processing the request and will give the results, thanks to which the user will be able to find out whether the order has been sent, whether it has crossed the Russian border and will soon arrive at the destination.

Attention: You can track an order or ordinary mail only by a unique tracking code. You will not be able to find a parcel by order number, name or address.

Track number is assigned during the registration of postal items. You can find out the identification code from the operator of the transport company. If the goods were purchased in a Kazakh online shop, the track number can be viewed in the "orders" section.

The appearance of the track code depends on what service the mail is sent by, and other factors: the type of packaging, type of delivery, and so on. Registered items are given thirteen-digit numbers consisting of nine digits and four letters of the Latin alphabet.

Benefits of the service tracker has many features and advantages:

  • the site has a pleasant interface, simple and easy navigation;
  • works round the clock without a break on weekends;
  • it is absolutely free to track your parcel;
  • pre-registration on the site is not necessary, it is important to know only the tracking number.

For delivery of goods all transport companies such as DHL, China Post, USPS electronically mark the current location of the parcel, so you get detailed information about where the shipment is and approximately how long it will take for the parcel to arrive at the pickup point.

Shipping from foreign online shops can take quite a long time, from 15 to 60 days. Track orders from any marketplace, including from AliExpress, Amazon, iHerb or Shein - no need to worry about long shipping times, just check the order status on