Tracking Belarus


If you have ordered goods from a Belarusian online shop or, conversely, if you are in the country and are waiting for an important parcel from abroad, you don't have to just sit and stay in the dark. Postal tracking will help you find out where your parcel is now: Belarus and other countries provide data on the mail's journey through the territory of the state. You can track the path of correspondence around the world with the help of

How to track a parcel from Belarus

You can track a parcel in Belarus or abroad with the help of service. Just enter the track number in the search field and click "Find".

Advantages of the tracking service:

  • Online tracking is instant.
  • In order to find a letter, order or parcel, you do not need to register on the service."
  • Using is completely free. You don't need to watch any adverts or subscribe to the service to follow the movements of your parcels.
  • We work with databases of most postal companies and delivery services all over the world. You can track the entire path of your shipment, regardless of which country it is currently in or which carrier it is currently being handled by.

If you need to track several parcels from Belarus, China, Russia or other countries at the same time, you can create an account on and add all track numbers of the parcels to your personal account. As soon as the status of any of them changes (for example, the order passes customs, is marked at an intermediate point or arrives at a delivery point), you will instantly receive a notification.

What a tracking number looks like for tracking

International postal tracking numbers consist of 13 characters: two pairs of Latin letters at the beginning and end, and nine digits in between. The last pair of characters is the designation of the sending country. The first character depends on the type of mail item:

  • R - small package;
  • C - ordinary parcel;
  • E - EMS shipment;
  • A - domestic dispatch within Belarus.

Orders from Chinese online shops may have a different kind of track number (depending on the shipping method used). For example, the codes of goods sent from Joom start with ZJ, and those from Aliexpress start with ZA. If the parcel was sent by a courier company, its track may be quite different (for example, FedEx always has only numbers, while DHL identifiers differ depending on the type of shipment).