Tracking Moldova




Moldova is a beautiful and amazing country, famous for its historical sights, vineyards, textile products. You can buy local products through marketplaces and postal services of Moldova: order tracking Moldova Post will be available in the next few days after the parcel is registereed.

How to track an order by track number or waybill from Moldova

  1. Go to the main page of
  2. In the search form, enter the waybill number or track number
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Get the result with changes in the delivery statuses of the parcel from Moldova

Thanks to tracking, you can find out accurate and complete information: when the parcel was sent, whether it crossed the Russian border, whether it passed customs inspection, whether it will soon arrive at its destination.

The identifier consists of letters and numbers. The track code can be obtained from the postal operator during the registration of the dispatch. If the purchase was made in a Moldovan shop, you can see the number in the "orders" section. If tracking has problems and the system cannot find information about the shipment, it is necessary to contact the seller or other sender to clarify the correctness of the code. If the shipment is lost, the sender should contact the competent authorities with a request to initiate a search for the missing shipment.