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Deutsche Post is Germany's public postal service, which transports not only domestically but also worldwide. As for tracking, Deutsche Post assigns a unique identification number to each parcel. service will track any international parcel by track code in just a couple of seconds - quick access to full information on the movement of your shipment.

How to track a parcel from Germany to Russia by order track number?

Everyone can find out the details of the shipment. The user only needs to know the track of the parcel. The order number assigned to the goods in the online shop will not work. It is important to find the 12-digit cipher of the postal parcel: you can find it in the delivery note or request it from the company manager or postal operator.

Advantages of the service:

  1. Free tracking - you will not be charged for tracking your order.
  2. Unlimited usage. You can track the movement of a parcel every day, and even every hour. We have no limits on the number of checks.
  3. The service does not require registration - you can work on the site immediately after logging in.
  4. International tracking - the service will find shipments anywhere on our planet (in Germany, China, Russia, Ukraine, France and other countries).
  5. Simple interface - our site is clear and consistent, it is convenient to use at any age. By logging into the platform, everyone will understand how the search engine works.
  6. The site is available 24/7 - you can search for information at any time of the day.
  7. Reliability - the platform does not save information about the client and does not pass it to third parties. Using our services, you can be calm for personal data.

It is not possible to get information by phone number, surname, delivery address or email - these data are not unique. To avoid inaccurate information, tracking is available only by track code.

The task of our resource is to indicate the exact location of the parcel (warehouse, post office, customs, sorting centre, etc.), time and place of arrival. We will help you quickly track a parcel from Germany. To do this you need:

  1. Find the special field on the main page of the platform.
  2. Enter the parcel number (track code).
  3. Track the parcel.

If you have entered a certain track code once, you will not need to enter it again in the future. Statuses will appear as soon as they are updated in the system.

Through you can track all registered international shipments, for example from China, USA or Italy, any transport company (e.g. DHL, TNT, Bpost) in real time - the service is available 24/7. All orders from online marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon or eBay are under the control of our search robot - no parcel will be left without attention.

How does Deutsche Post work?

Every day, more than 50 million items are delivered via Deutsche Post. All international items from Deutsche Post arrive strictly on time, but occasionally there may be delays due to customs clearance.

Domestic parcels.

Domestically, parcels and letters arrive quite quickly, but various factors can affect the length of their journey (route, transport used, traffic jams, customs delays, size of the shipment, etc.). 80% of shipments within Germany usually arrive within the next 24 hours. Some on the same day, if the settlements are nearby.

When the parcel arrives, the addressee will be notified immediately. Such notices will arrive daily until the recipient or a trusted person comes to collect their parcel.

Types of parcels.

Types of parcel dispatches via German Post

Parcels are of different types. According to the nature of the attachments, their weight and size, and the characteristics of their packaging, parcels are divided into the following types:

Parcels can be sent by post.

  • letter;
  • postal sheet;
  • parcel;
  • aerogram;
  • parcel;

If we look at the way of processing and payment, conditions of forwarding, acceptance and delivery, there are simple and insured postal parcels. The second option provides the following subspecies: valuable, registered, cash on delivery. A valuable parcel can be of open and closed type.

Ordinary parcels are given to the recipient in the usual way without receipts and receipts. Insured - exclusively against receipt and with certain documents.

Parcels can also be open.

Also the dispatches are:

  • airmail (delivered by air transport);
  • paid (money already paid by the sender in cash or by card) and prepaid (not paid in full or not paid at all);
  • international (going to or from another country) and domestic (within the country);
  • urgent (delivered quickly) and ordinary.

Postal number format

German Post usually assigns a 12-digit identifier to its items. This code will be on all packages before they leave the country.

Letters will have a different track after export. It is a complex combination of letters and numbers (RX127649876DE, CX123986574DE).

Change of identifier

Changing the identifier at the German border

The unique parcel number always changes after passing through customs. In the case of small packages (up to 2kg), the shipment will look like this: RO********* DE. Large shipments are assigned track codes of the following kind: CY********* DE.

Delivery time of parcels from Germany to Russia

Time of parcel delivery from Germany to Russian Federation depends on the method of transport. Some parcels reach in a week, others in 1 month. This is influenced by such indicators: the type of transport, the choice of tariff, route and remoteness of the final destination.

Where does an order arrive in Russia?

Goods ordered from online shops or sent from Germany by individual order can arrive at any post office in Russia, as well as directly to your home by courier.

Shipments from customs are picked up by Russian Post, which delivers the order in person or to a specific warehouse.

What to do if a parcel is lost?

If you can't trace a parcel from Germany to Russia, it should be alarming. A long stay of the parcel in the same status or its absence at all, most often indicates its loss.

Ineffective checking of the status of the parcel for several days should end with writing a statement about the loss of the parcel. The technical support service responds quickly. Usually postal employees ask for a receipt of payment, which will confirm the presence of the parcel.

After reviewing the application to the sender or recipient (the person who applied), an email will receive a response. If the parcel is found, it will be redirected to the correct address. If the search is unsuccessful, German Post may offer to pay compensation (the amount specified at the time of posting).